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The Thoughtful Stone Company was created to design small stones with encouraging, inspiring, and personal sentiments. 


In 2006 my mother died from stomach cancer.  I was devastated.  I don’t even remember those first few weeks after her death, yet I somehow found myself pregnant.  This was a bit of a miracle, because before my mother was ill, we had tried getting pregnant and that resulted in a miscarriage.  Now caring for a newborn was the last thing on my mind, but exactly what I needed.  She came that next summer and we named her Emerson Stone.  A lot of people asked me how I got the middle name “Stone”.  In truth, I don’t know.  I just liked the way it sounded. 


The Thoughtful Stone Company came about almost as miraculously as the birth of my third child.  Paths crossed, doors opened, and it albeit started on its own.  Now my 10 year old daughter, Emerson Stone, accompanies me to the rock quarry where we search for stones together.  We strive to help comfort people in their most difficult times, and hope that this small offering will do just that.  In memory of our dear Nanna, The Thoughtful Stone Company supports “No Stomach for Cancer”, a foundation whose mission is to support, research and unite the caring power of people affected by stomach cancer.


Why use a stone?

Meditation can be extremely beneficial for every part of our being—our mind, our body and our spirit. It helps us to relax, clears our mind and releases negative energy and unwanted thoughts.  These small stones are a physical way to hold onto a specific thought and focus on that word.


Our goal is to heal and support

The stones in this pouch were thoughtfully chosen to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.  As you hold each stone, it is our hope that you will take a moment  to close your eyes, breathe, and meditate on each word that you may indeed feel Love, Comfort, and Healing.  Through the purchase of these stones, you have helped to support the mission of  "No Stomach for Cancer."


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